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  • Learning a new language is a gift that can open up the world:

    It is permanent.
    It is CO2 neutral.
    It creates joy!

    Treat your loved ones to our language voucher!
    Go to www.vivat-lingua.de/de/gutschein, choose the amount and order, print and send the voucher directly online. Just fill out the order form below and optionally add a personal greeting!

    Happy gift giving!

  • We are very honored...

    The Ministry of Economy, Labor and Tourism Baden-Württemberg named us the winner of the competition "familyNET 4.0 - corporate culture in a digital working world" on November 30.

    We are thrilled! Thank you very much!

    Yes, we want to improve the digital working world!
    Yes, we want to make education high-quality and fun!
    Yes, we want to give our super Vivat Lingua! team the best design, earning, working and development opportunities.

    This award tells us: hey, you are on the right track.
    So: we'll keep it up, we promise.

    We would like to thank the Vivat Lingua! Team and Marina Menner and Carina Kramer for their patient preparatory work.

    We are happy and grateful!
    Adelheid Kumpf and Niels Stock

  • "At the doctor" - practising languages on social media: beim Arzt, bei der Ärztin

    Going to the doctor abroad is hard. There are many words you don't know. Are you afraid that you don't understand an important word? You have a question, but you don't know the words in German? We will help you! <3

    If you want to get vaccinated, we will help you. We will answer your questions. We will find an appointment for you. Because we want you to have the option. We want you to be able to get vaccinated if you want. Write us an email here.

    Important words:⁠
    get vaccinated = sich impfen lassen⁠
    a vaccination = eine Impfung⁠
    immunization = der Impfschutz⁠
    vaccination certificate = das Impfzertifikat⁠
    to be vaccinated/recovered/tested = geimpft/ genesen/ getestet sein⁠

    Adelheid has had her booster and wishes you well! 

    Become part of the Vivat Lingua! Learning Community on social media and learn with us alongside your language course. Follow us and get extra vocabulary, grammar and Germany input! We look forward to your likes and comments!

  • Vivat Lingua! Corona Update / 18.01.2022

    Our language training courses are starting predominantly in the virtual course room via Zoom.

    Exceptions may include:

    • Individual, partner, and small group courses for the languages English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese
    • Group courses for English, French, Italian, Spanish

    Our rule is: "Courses 2G+" (vaccinated or recovered, AND tested)* + FFP2 mask
    *Exception: Booster or second vaccination (or recovery) not older than 3 months.

    The coordinators decide whether a language training starts via Zoom or face-to-face.
    Information can be found directly in the respective foreign language courses.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Steinlachbrücke and Friedrichstraße are closed until November 2022.

    The best way to reach us is by foot, bike or train.
    If you do come by car, park in the Metropol parking garage and walk to us via the Blaue Brücke.
    It's still easy to reach us by foot.

  • Getting to know a new home with our Welcome Guide.

    Learning German does not only mean accusative and dative. ⁠
    Learning languages at Vivat Lingua! also means getting to know a new home. ⁠⁠

    Our welcome guide Niels shows the German learners from Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria and the Congo the quarry near Wendelsheim. ⁠⁠

    Very relaxed. ⁠⁠
    On a Sunday. ⁠⁠
    With laughter and without a facemask.
    ⁠⁠Wonderful! ⁠⁠

    More information on the welcome guide and other services included click here.
    Contact us!