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Every intensive course A1-C1:

1 course in 3 weeks  
5x/week, Monday – Friday
9.30 – 12.45 h a.m.
15 days, 4 lesson units a day
1 unit = 45 minutes

1. Placement and free course consultation

Together we will find the right course for you.

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Contact person:
Ilaria Bertocci

I need information regarding the course and/or level.

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2. Registration (after consultation)

Course fees from 1.6.2024
385,-€ (all incl.*)
(equals 6,41€ per 45 minutes)
*online platform, tech introduction and support, materials online/offline, final exam, certificate

Package prices available from A1.1:
  • Book 3 courses and pay in advance => 5% discount on package
  • Book 4 courses and pay in advance => 10% discount on package

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Why learn at Vivat Lingua!?

Final exam + certificate
Individual language training (from A2.2)
Individual feedback 
Self-study phase and collaborative learning (from A2.2)
Interactive and varied
Training and obligatory tests for every skill 
Our community
Activities outside the course

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All courses take place according to the following pattern:

We'll support and motivate you in your learning process, and teach you the German language with joy and fun. We'll give you tricks and tips on how to quickly and successfully achieve your personal learning goal.

Our German team is looking forward to meeting you!


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All our courses comply with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).