1. What kinds of courses and language do you provide?
Please click here for a complete overview of all the courses we offer on our german website.
Click here for some of our german courses.

2. Where can I register?
Please click here to register

3. Where is Vivat Lingua!?

You’ll find us at our headquarters in Friedrichstrasse 18, near the Blaue Bruecke. 

With public transports:

We are very close to the main train and stations. You can find a detailed explanation of public transport links here.

4. Is there any parking?
Unfortunately, there is no parking at our headquarters. Please use the parking shown in the directions

5. Payment/bank details

Please transfer your course fee no later than 14 days before the course begins. You can either pay cash or via a bank transfer using the following bank details. If you wish to pay cash please come to see us and pay in person.
Account holder: Vivat Lingua
IBAN: DE08 6415 0020 0002 9882 78

6. Cancellations

You must cancel your course in writing (letter, fax or email). No justification is required, however Vivat Lingua! reserves the right to retain course fees as follows:

14 days before the course begins: 20% of total course fee
10 days before the course begins: 30% of total course fee
5 days before the course begins: 50% of total course fee
after course has begun: 100% of total course fee

7. Accomodation - how to find a place to stay in Tuebingen:

Whilst Vivat Lingua! is happy to assist you in finding a place to say, we do not provide accommodation. Here are some useful links to help with the search.


8. Language visas

If you are already in Germany, please come in and see us personally, where we will check your language level and create a plan with you and deal with your visa.

If you aren’t in Germany yet, we will check your level via Skype (the preferred method) or, if unavoidable, over the phone.  In such cases, please contact us via info@vivat-lingua.de then Vivat Lingua! will work out a language progress schedule for you. You should then pay three course fees and an admin fee of 25€ directly to Vivat Lingua! (either in person or via bank transfer). Once we have received your fees and necessary details, we will send you a checklist which you will need to sign and return to us. Vivat Lingua! will then send you a confirmation for the first three courses which you will need for your visa.

9. Student discount cards

With a student (discount) card it is possible to purchase public transport tickets. Please use the following links for more information:     

10. Schooling

School is compulsory in Germany. The school starts in September; however, children also need to be enrolled at other points throughout the year. You are responsible for getting in direct contact with the respective schools.

Compulsory schooling in Germany is made up of primary schools (years 1 to 4) and secondary education, including a grammar school and various secondary schools (Werkrealschule, Realschule and Gymnasium). Please use the following link to find a list of the public authorities and administrative bodies to help you further:

11. What else does Vivat Lingua! offer?

We offer a varied programme of activities for our intensive and evening course participants, including guided tours, punting and many excursions. You will hear more about these activities when you register for our courses.

We are also more than happy to offer individual group programmes. Such programmes can also take place within companies, institutes or workplaces.  You can find further details on our website under “Sonderprogramme” (special programmes)

12. Translation and proofreading

Vivat Lingua! offers translation and proofreading services for texts and specialised articles. However, our institute is not confirmed by oath through the office of Justice, we are unable to certify translations or original documents.

13. How do I get my certificate?

Intensive course (including semi-intensive course) participants receive their course certificate on the last day of the course. To receive a certificate, you must attend 80% of the course. Those who are unable to attend the final course day can pick their certificate up personally from us. MPI course participants receive their certificate and payment confirmation as a pdf via email a week after the course has been successfully completed.