Our Philosophy and our Values

1. Open-mindedness, trust, honesty, and transparency

We cherish Molière's motto: "Je veux qu'on soit sincère". That is why we advise and work honestly and transparently. We deal with each other openly and with confidence. This applies to...

... our learners;

before, during and after the learning process. In concrete terms, this means that if we don't have a suitable offer available, we will communicate this immediately and provide further assistance, for example from the "Netzwerk Fortbildung"(Network for Further Education). This also applies after the start of the course if we are unable to support the learner sufficiently.

... all Vivat Lingua! colleagues;

We support each other with tips and materials that are important and helpful for our work. We reach clear agreements in our team.

... our company and institute partners, our customers, and our environment.

In concrete terms, this means: if we see that a training concept is not feasible, we speak openly about alternatives and report on our experiences. We only offer courses that are sustainable and meaningful for the learners.

2. Professionalism

Pedagogy, methodology, and didactics are important to us.

We realize that it is an art to put education into practice. That is why the application process focuses on the person and the educator.
We train new colleagues. Susana Rodés developed an obligatory orientation seminar with the focus on methodology and didactics.

We embrace our methodology, not only for our team, but also for our learners.

We take our time. At the beginning of the orientation period, all new colleagues go through a mentoring system. This means that an experienced colleague supports helps and accompanies the new colleague, so that they are not alone and have a direct contact person for all questions arising in professional practice.

We are in the same boat, we look after each other.

We ensure the quality of our courses and language trainings at Vivat Lingua! through observation and supervision. The pedagogical team regularly visits the colleagues in their courses. We see where the problems lie and what we can constantly improve. This information is used to develop the further trainings for the Vivat Lingua! impulse days which take place every quarter. That is our interpretation of quality management in action: not filling out evaluation forms, but evaluation through personal dialogue — with the learners and colleagues. The learners thus have contact persons who evaluate feedback promptly and actively. We question criticism, respond to it and implement the impulses.

3. Dedication with responsibility, passion and creativity for...

... our learners and their supporting groups (organizations, companies, friends, families).

... every single colleague in the team.

No matter whether they have been with us for a long time, whether they are interns, guest students, administrative staff or active in the courses, Vivat Lingua! follows the guidelines of the Economy for the Common Good.

... the people and the diversity of our city.

We like Tübingen and appreciate the international cultural diversity, the innovative scientific and commercial sectors and the people who work to benefit the city.

... the people and the economy of our region.
We are rooted in the region between the Alb, the Neckar, Schönbuch and the Black Forest. We recognize that many ideas and ambitious projects originate here. Not only that, but we are happy to support communication in the local institutes, companies, and organizations. We prefer to purchase from regional suppliers because short distances not only protect the environment but also benefit the job market and the financial power of the region. We support companies in Tübingen through business contacts and orders. Furthermore, we support Tübingen's social and cultural institutions, and thus the cultural landscape. We recognize good advice, service and quality and are prepared to pay more for it.



... the people and the reputation of our country.

Germany's constitution is based on justice and freedom. We live in the longest peaceful period in our country. We appreciate these privileges and are grateful for them. This is why we observe the basic rights of Articles 1 - 19 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. Furthermore, we affirm that we are not a member of any radical organization, group or religious movement that contradicts the above-mentioned basic rights. We adhere to the law and are not corrupt.

... for the people and languages in Europe and our neighbouring countries.

The basic principles of Europe are democracy and peace. We are happy to work on these foundations every day by advancing linguistic understanding. In this way, we would like to preserve prosperity and improve mutual understanding within Europe.

... for the people and future of our global community.
Everyone is different, but all people are equally valuable. We welcome every learner who is motivated and interested in people and languages. We make no distinctions when dealing with individual differences with regard to learning, religion, world-view, sexuality, lifestyle, wealth, or level of education. Furthermore, we value tolerance and respect between learners and between learners and colleagues. In our role as an educational institute, we feel obliged to ensure that individual equality, social justice and environmental protection are reflected and promoted in our language training courses. We are committed to environmentally compatible behaviour in the use of resources: at work and in the mobility associated with it.

Version 1:               9.3.2017
Version 2:              16.1.2020

It's a great honor...

Solidarity and responsible entrepreneurship have always been important to Vivat Lingua!
Our engagement was recognized with an award: The SME Award for Social Responsibility in Baden-Württemberg for our special social engagement.

We are delighted about this and would like to say thank you! 

The Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism Baden-Württemberg named us winner of the competition "familyNET 4.0 - corporate culture in a digital working world" on 30.11.2021.

Yes, we want to improve the digital working world!
Yes, we want to make education high-quality and fun!
Yes, we want to give our Vivat Lingua! team the best design, earning, working, and development opportunities.

This award tells us: hey, you are on the right track.
So: we'll keep it up, we promise.

We would like to thank the Vivat Lingua! Team, Marina Menner and Carina Kramer for their preparation.

We are happy and grateful!
Adelheid Kumpf and Niels Stock