German for Companies

We create individual training plans on various levels that are tailormade to the specific needs of your team. We focus on supporting your team in the best way possible to strengthen your language skills.

We look forward to working with you and providing more information.

For consultations, please contact the respective coordinator:
For general inquiries, you can reach us at or by phone at 07071 888 4540.

Our Courses for you and your team:

Group Trainings; 1-to-1 Trainings

Participation in in-company or open German training sessions, either in groups or individually.


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German for Institutions

We train international scientists and academics.

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German for Nursing

We support foreign nursing staff on their journey and help them gain more confidence in their daily clinical routine.

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German for Theologians

We currently offer individual training sessions for theologians, theology students, pastors, and priests of all denominations.


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Why learn at Vivat Lingua!?

What is your level? – Needs analysis
What level do you want to achieve? – Analysis of your individual resources
Firm anchoring in the region – with us, you will get to know your new home!
The learner is at the center
Certified telc exam center
Online live courses
Practical learning with your head and hands

All our courses comply with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).