Company management

Adelheid Kumpf and Niels Stock founded Vivat Lingua! in 2003 with the aim to make language learning more personal and individual. Today Vivat Lingua! is a Limited Liability Company with almost 50 team members, over half of whom are permanently employed by Vivat Lingua!.

Management like to make sure everything works well. We live this motto for our team, learners, customers and with special attention to our social responsibilities.

We see ourselves as:

-developers and supporters following wishes and possibilities offered by companies, institutes and learners.

-networkers for the local economy, social concerns and regional projects.

-managers to structure and supervise financial processes.

-innovators to lead Vivat Lingua! through further development towards a successful future.

-learners who themselves are still learning

-pioneers who think ahead and prepare themselves for both a digital and analogue working world.

-team-orientated enablers finding enjoyment in delegating