Plain Language – Simply be Understood

What tricks can we use to speak in such a way that non-native German speakers can understand us?
Why is the sentence "Um 13 Uhr wird hier wieder gearbeitet" so difficult?
How can we make this easier?

The tools of "Einfache Sprache" (plain language) will help you. In our workshop we will look at how we can convey instructions and processes in simpler language.

We will look at situations and topics relevant to your position and focus on professional processes.  

Along the way, we learn a lot about the German language and gain respect for the people who have to learn it!


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Our offers:

Half-day workshop "plain language"

(3.5 hours, incl. 30 minutes break)

Choose between German (Einfache Sprache) or English (plain language)

a) as a face-to-face seminar following Covid hygiene regulations


b) as ZOOM seminar

Full day workshop “plain language”

Only as a face-to-face seminar following with Covid hygiene regulations.

Choose between German (Einfache Sprache) or English (plain language)

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We are happy to expand our portfolio by arrangement and according to your requirements!

Target groups

Team leaders
Teachers and lecturers
Examiners at IHK, at schools

We've already worked with:

Universitätsklinikum Tübingen
itdesign GmbH
EPflex Feinwerktechnik GmbH
Stadt Rottenburg
refugio e.V.