Simple language - simply be understood!

What tricks can we use to speak in such a way that non-native German speakers understand us?
Why is the sentence "Um 13 Uhr wird hier wieder gearbeitet" so difficult?
And how can we formulate this sentence more simply?

The tools of "simple language" help. We actively try out how we can convey our work instructions and processes in simpler language.

We work in a practical way and also linguize the processes of your professional activity.

Along the way, we learn a lot about the German language and gain respect for the people who have to learn it first!


Half-day workshop "Simple Language" (3.5 time hours, incl. 30 minutes break)

a) as presence seminar according to Covid hygiene standard

b) as ZOOM seminar

Day workshop "Simple language

Only as a presence seminar according to Covid hygiene standard. 

Target groups:

- Team leaders
- trainers
- managers
- Teachers and lecturers
- Examiners at IHK, at schools

We are happy to expand our portfolio by arrangement and according to your specifications!

About the person:

Adelheid Kumpf loves languages and promotes languages as bridges between people. In 2003, after three years as a high school teacher of German and French, she founded the continuing education institute Vivat Lingua! in Tübingen. As an entrepreneur and employer of 28 permanent and 20 freelance employees, she knows what team leadership in an international team means. As an enthusiastic language trainer for German as a foreign language, she knows how to motivate learners. And as a coordinator of German courses, she designs tailor-made qualification programs for industry, clinics and institutes and thus knows the needs of the economy.
Currently, about 1200 learners complete German courses at Vivat Lingua! Since 2015, Adelheid Kumpf has been campaigning for more women as founders and entrepreneurs as a flagship entrepreneur of the German Federal Ministry of Economics. She is a member of the NUiF (Network Integrating Refugees) and offers the workshops nationwide for IHK, DIHK, chambers of crafts and associations.