Our Philosophy

"Always a strong team by your side"
Our pedagogic team: Susana Rodes, Carina Kramer, Jill Signer

Pedagogics, methodology, didactics are important to us!

We know that it is a true art to put education science theory into practice. Therefore, the learner and pedagogics are our central focus.

We train our new colleagues. Susana Rodés has developed an obligatory seminar focused on methodology and didactics for all new arrivals to our team.

We live our methodology, not just for our team but also for our learners.

We’re not in a rush! We train every team member using a mentor system. This means every team member is supported by another team member with more experience so that they are able to fulfil and answer any questions and never left alone.

We’re all in the same boat so we look after each other

We maintain quality and continuously improve our courses through regular shadowing and observations. Our pedagogic team frequently visits courses given by colleagues. We see what works and what we can improve. Our whole team participates in training seminars every yearly quarter. We don’t just fill our evaluation sheets but discuss and evaluate through personal discussions with the learner and our colleagues. Learners also have a contact person who promptly and actively evaluates all feedback. We welcome criticism and use this impulse to progress.

Welcome to Vivat Lingua!
We hope you enjoy learning with us. We wish you lots of fun and success! Your education is important to us.

We’re looking forward to working with you!