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For Medical and Nursing Staff – Welcome!

We support nursing and medical professionals on their way to the B2 and C1 language certificate. You can take your telc nursing exam with us – an important step on your way to getting officially recognized. We especially support them in practising communicatively complex situations from their everyday work: Securing comprehension and empathetic speaking, feedback signals and phonetics, spelling, colloquial language, idioms, etc. 

Together we will find the right path for you or your employees!


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Our Options:

German for nursing staff

9 dates, each 3 lesson units
1 lesson unit = 45 mins

in open or closed groups*

Contact person:
Esther Dinauer


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English for medical professionals

10 dates, each 90 mins

in open or closed groups*

Contact person:
Dr. Annika Requardt


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Individual coaching: 1:1 or 2:1

Individually tailored to your needs
Focus topics


Contact person:
Esther Dinauer for German
Dr. Annika Requardt for English


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HR support for the arrival of international employees
Easy German Language workshop for German employees


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Why learn at Vivat Lingua!?

What is your level? – Needs analysis
What level do you want to achieve? – Analysis of your individual resources
Firm anchoring in the region – with us, you will get to know your new home!
The learner is at the center
Certified telc exam center
Online live courses
Practical learning with your head and hands


Our previous projects were with:

Universitätsklinikum Tübingen (UKT) School for nursing careers
UKT School for OTAs
UKT – Akademie für Bildung und Personalentwicklung (English for patient admission; English for MTAs; English for nursing staff)
UKT Physiotherapy
Postapotheke Tübingen
Novo Nordisk (Workshop for diabetes advisors)
BG Klinik

* open group = at Vivat Lingua!, open to all
  closed group = at the institute, individually organized, only for medical or nursing professionals