German for theologians and pastoral professions

Kursleiter deutsch

All language programs are suitable for theologians, theology students, pastors and priests of any Christian denomination. We tailor the program to the individual and respond to the learners and their language needs.

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Helena Schaal
Management and development of communication training German for theologians and pastoral professions

In focus:

We offer a two-year welcome program for Catholic priests from other dioceses and religious orders.


This includes:

  • vocabulary and examples related to life and work in a German parish
  • Level-appropriate use (e.g. simulations of pastoral contexts) and explanation of theological vocabulary
  • Close and transparent cooperation with the diocese and thus application-oriented preparation for pastoral work
  • Cultural programme with excursions to cultural sites with the focus on churches, monasteries and community centres
  • Language support during the initial time in the community
  • Exam preparation and exam B2 for priests
  • Housing agency
  • Services related to settling in Germany (organisation of driving school and driving licence, coordination of visits to doctors and opticians, escort to immigration office, etc.)
  • Continuous language support
  • Continuous expansion of language competence up to C2 level


After the pastoral introductory phase, further language training in small groups or individual and partner training:

  • Correction and linguistic expertise of self-written texts (e.g. sermons, speeches, and parish magazine contributions).
  • Everyday language and deepening of observed and perceived deviations from the standard language
  • Receptive dialect listening comprehension training
  • Individual support in grammar and formulation questions