For Academic Institutes

Focusing on language training at institutes

Work and study groups made up of different nationalities and cultures present a challenge for communication.

We have been coaching scientists, researchers and academics, particularly in English and German, since 2003.

Our experience shows that teams of academics whose institute provides the opportunity to improve their foreign language skills or to learn a whole new language really value and appreciate such an important investment in their professional development. This is clearly evident through their elevated levels of motivation and skills and their improved openness, patience, helpfulness and tolerance towards international colleagues.

There are multiple starting-points:

German for international groups:

We train academics who are ready to accept the task of learning German. We communicate the importance of the German language as a medium of culture and integration.

Feedback from international academics often says:

  • German is key for building relationships with colleagues.
  • German helps in looking for positions in their academic career
  • German supports them in their everyday life and aids in communication with neighbours.

English for German and international academics:

Our experience shows that English is not always English and that school English simply isn’t enough for a Master’s course. We support participants in their academic writing, presentation skills, discussion of posters and intercultural welcome weeks.


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Our knowledge demonstrates the importance of such language coaching. We often come across language, cultural and social deficits in our courses but we also see that even academics with fixed working and learning preferences and structures enjoy and participate wholeheartedly in our courses.

Come and speak to us!

We’re more than happy to share details of our current intercultural and language courses on offer for institutes, clinics, hospitals and academics.

Your points of contact at Vivat Lingua:

Ursula Lemmen – German course planning and consultation –

Dr. Annika Requardt – English course planning and consultation –